January 25, 2017

Moving Tips

Moving Tips

before you move

Schedule your free, no obligation in-home moving estimate. Having an estimate done will eliminate any surprises (or added costs) that may arise on move day. Along with this, decide if you want to pack your home or have a professional moving company do the packing for you. This is an added expense but it can be well worth the reduction in stress.

before you move

If you choose to pack your household belongings, start packing the things you haven’t touched or needed in a while like seasonal clothing, spare items like blankets along with the shed in backyard or your garage. Always use sturdy boxes or plastic bins or totes as this will make your move go much smoother. It helps with the loading process, but more importantly to protect your items from damage during the move. The big thing is don’t wait until the last minute to pack your non-essential items.

before you move

Start packing the more tedious items like china, your spare kitchen accessories, hall closets, items that are more important or you use on a semi regular basis. Be sure to label each box with the contents and which room they will go into so you will know where to direct our movers to place them. Do a little every night so you’re not trying to pack a whole house the day before moving day. It is also helpful to use up any existing food supplies and dispose of any items to dangerous to move, including aerosols and flammable liquids. One last note… If necessary, reserve any apartment elevators that will be needed for move day.

before you move

Pack the items you can live without for a couple days. But always make sure to leave out your essentials. Start packing a 2-3 day “Survival Kit” for each family member. Set aside any boxes or items that will be going with you and mark them “Do Not Move“. Take down any curtain rods, pictures and any posters that may be tacked or taped to the walls.


Finish packing the prior mentioned “Survival Kit”. Be present and available to answer any questions the movers may have. Upon arrival to our delivery point make sure you or someone who knows where everything will need to go is available to direct our movers to where you want your furniture and boxes placed in your new home. Prior to our leaving, do a walk through and inspect your belongings. Lastly, enjoy your new home!


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Items your moving company cannot move

As required by law, moving companies cannot transport potentially hazardous items. If you have any of the following items, dispose of them properly or arrange fro them to receive alternative transportation.


Automotive, marine, industrial, etc.

Cleaning Supplies

All household cleaning products, specifically those that produce deadly gases or could spontaneously combust when mixed with other chemicals

Corrosive Liquids

Antifreeze, compounds, camphor oil, disinfectants, spot cleaners, etc.

Flammables & Explosives

Small arms, ammunition, brick matches, dynamite, explosive flash bulbs, adhesives, aerosol cans, charcoal briquettes, cleaning fluids, weed killers, gasoline, enamel, etc.

Compressed Gases

Engine-starting fluids, fire extinguishers, welding gases, scuba diving tanks, etc.